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Vaya con Dios dear SF Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi. Dear Ross...

Vaya con Dios amigo nuestro

... I'm not saying good bye, far from it, I'm welcoming you back to the civilian world -- Which will happen on Friday, January 8 2016 at noon -- and wishing you the best in all of your present and future endeavors. Count me in.

As a community activist, I know that we'll be meeting each other in the same circles, for, how could it be otherwise? Yes, you were what I refer to as a community activist who chose to also run for elected office to represent and serve the people from there, indeed Ross, that's my impression of you.

You were always with the people, in the good times and in the not so desirable ones, no matter the day, or the time of day, you were always there, in those moments of much needed support when we welcome the presence of humans' humane company and solidarity, especially in tragic moments, you were there.

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Donald Trump needs an Encounter with Reality; Operation Wetback.

When I heard of Donald Trump's proposal as his position policy for “solving” the Undocumented Immigration "Problem" It brought back the memory of what US President Barack Obama expressed in his presentation at the 2011 Washington Correspondents dinner RE Trump's decision making..

..and these are the kind of decisions that will keep me up at night" ~ Barack Hussein Obama

Indeed, in Operation Wetback, as it was with his decision on Celebrity Apprentice (CA), one can see one of the similarities which strike out on first sight, it's the shallowness of thinking in his evaluation of what were/are the basic elements in the facts to consider:

The barebones explanation on what "Operation Wetback" Was, can be surmised in a few inescapable facts.

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USA-Mexico's Immigration Relations Programs and Operations 1519 - 2015 Timeline

USA-Mexico's Immigration Relations Programs and Operations 1519 - 2015  Timeline


As I have, you've probably seen this type of post before, some longer than others or viceversa. I had a shorter version of it that I published about 14 years ago in my, now defunct, site on my comcast account.

But i had a backup of my files of the comcast site and now, with the 2016 elections looming, there's little doubt that Immigration, for the umpteen time, will be a mayor issue. As a matter of fact, it already is as far as GOP candidate Donald Trump is concerned, for, he is already trying the tried and trite anti-immigration rhetoric. And why not? It has been to a varied degrees successful in stampeding the populace with fear of "The Others", i.e. non-white European (“Anglos”) foreigners/immigrants “Latin Americans/Indians”, for the last 150 years or so, particularly on economic downturn periods when the claim is made that the immigrants are to blame for taking the jobs away from the "Real Americans"(?) And committing crimes, or are the source of an increase in crime, when in reality, the opposite is true, at which point, for variousl reasons -- not the least racism, nativism, misplaced nationalism, etc. -- opportunistic politicians supported by ignorant demagogues, such as Donald Trump, start trumpetting the desperate need to implement immediately, stringent, cruel and without due process under the law, anti-immigrant measures/bills.

US/Mexico's History is rife with examples of this behavior and the consequences, during and in the aftermath. where a myriad of laws and individual guarantees are violated leaving a swath of victims, such as to what the “Operation Wetback”, among other programs and operations have proved and yet, this is the model that Mr. Trump is proposing as his solution to Immigration during the current debates in the 2016 campaign.

Hence, it seemed a good idea to post this UPDATED PIECE, if for no other reason, to have as much information on the issue as possible for reference on the dark history of the immigrant experience. To an extent, this post is incomple and does not touch how the politicians and populace reacted to the arrival of Jews, Italians, Slavs, Eastern Europeans, etc., that'd have to be another post, but for the moment, sufice to say that there is an echo in the experiences of these other ethnias paralleling what we hear about the Latin Americans, Chinese, Caribbean, Africans...

NOTE: I've included a description on what you'll find at the end of the link. It shows the snippet on hover when you point at it like in this example.



500 Nations
- The story of native Americans - 1995 TV Mini-Series: An exploration of the various Native American nations and their fall to the European conquerors.

Hosted by co-Executive Producer Kevin Costner, Narrated by Gregory Harrison | - Part I - The Ancestors., Part II - Clash of Cultures., Part III - A Cauldron of War, Part IV - Struggle for The West.

U.S.-Mexico border region is inhabited by many Native American groups who have lived in the area for centuries.


Hernan Cortes conquers central Mexico.


Spain establishes colonial government in Mexico.


Adam-Onis Treaty: U.S.-Mexico boundary established by Spain and the United States.

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On The Campaign trail in The Re-Elect Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi GrassRoots' efforts [I]

My name is Aurora Grajeda and I am a volunteer on the Re-Elect Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi Campaign by helping in what I can; mainly riding my Super Turbo 1000 Elite electrical scooter, to which I attach pro-Sheriff Mirkarimi's re-election signs and hang a bag where I have pro-Sheriff literature (You can see the scooter on the left in the screen in some of the video footage I took during the 10/17/15 GOTV Mobilization. Luckily, we've finally been getting some very nice days and I just love it!). Then I ride the scooter on the streets of San Francisco displaying the signs, and in addition I stop in corners or small plazas where there is substantial foot traffic & and hand out campaign material in the belief that, it adds visibility to our Sheriff's campaign hoping to generate voter turnout; preferably in our favor, of course!.

And then I decided to blog about my experiences and related stuff such a comments, (Which is the object in this post) and events or incidents all inclussive, and when possible, take video for my YouTube Channel to include in my posts.

The day after I uploaded the videos, a gentleman by the name of Jason Garza left a comment and posted it on three of the four clips in the playlist

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Issues with Residencial Short-Term Rentals Legislation in SF, Airbnb, some elected or appointed officials and others. Poll.

Let's start by the definition being banged around in this debate: "Home Sharing".

Miss Noemi Stone, Mission District resident from The Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment put it best [Clip #14 (Vid)
] On her public comment at the San Francisco Planning Commission Hearing on Short-Term Rentals held on April 23, 2015 at SF City Hall.

"Home Sharing is a misnomer, it's renting, not sharing"

And she is absolutely right, let's do away with the catchy Republican "Word-Smithting" First promulgated by Frank Luntz. Let's call the "Bread, bread and the Wine, wine". Enough with these days' ubiquitous Euphemisms! Thank you Miss Stone.

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