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Archives for: "November 2013"

Just how intimidated do you feel you are by the Anonymous Collective/Family? Update 1x

While referring to the -- not really 'organized' in the whole Organization -- Anonymous Collective/Family, as it's members refer to it, in general, I'm including people who wear masks and claim to be members of it and other people who embrace it and give voice to the Collective's messages or causes. more »

SFCA Dec. 12, 2011: Date of a most despicable ignominy to Latinos by The SF Archdiocese

It must be called for what it is and the public must, at least, know about it. The behavior of the San Francisco Archdiocese Corporation Sole on the matter of Our Lady of Guadalupe's Sanctuary in San Francisco is below contempt. Even by the loosest standards to measure human behavior, theirs, on December 12, 2011, is beyond the pale. more »

Fund-Raising effort to pay Eliana's ticket from Venezuela to testify [Mirkarimi's case]

The outrage at how "Ethical" SF Mayor Edwin M. (Emperor) Lee has wasted at least a million dollars, and counting, of hard-earned taxpayers' money in an inquisition-style persecution of recently elected Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi of San Francisco, has generated the emergence of an organic growth effort to pay the travel expenses of Eliana Lopez-Mirkarimi from Venezuela, to take the witness stand and testify on July 18, 2012 more »

The Inquisition of SF Sheriff R. Mirkarimi. P1: Ivory Madison's Betrayal

In order to understand and put in the proper context this sordidly un-American circus-style brouhaha in beautiful San Francisco, one must go into the roles that the visible players, the ones in the background, the authorities and the local media have played in what The New America Media likened to a 'Shakesperian drama'. more »

Mr. Jerry Brown, you keep slapping us on the face, till when?

I, as so many others, are very concerned about the repercussions that the Secure Communities Program (S-Com) has for tens, or possibly hundreds, of thousands of members of our communities, so I did the best I could in my limited capacity, to inform myself on it's provisions, methods and how these were being implemented, with special focus on whether or not the Bill's procedural dictates/provisions were being carried out in accordance and in compliance with it. more »