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Tag: "lopez"

Fund-Raising effort to pay Eliana's ticket from Venezuela to testify [Mirkarimi's case]

The outrage at how "Ethical" SF Mayor Edwin M. (Emperor) Lee has wasted at least a million dollars, and counting, of hard-earned taxpayers' money in an inquisition-style persecution of recently elected Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi of San Francisco, has generated the emergence of an organic growth effort to pay the travel expenses of Eliana Lopez-Mirkarimi from Venezuela, to take the witness stand and testify on July 18, 2012 more »

The Inquisition of SF Sheriff R. Mirkarimi. P1: Ivory Madison's Betrayal

In order to understand and put in the proper context this sordidly un-American circus-style brouhaha in beautiful San Francisco, one must go into the roles that the visible players, the ones in the background, the authorities and the local media have played in what The New America Media likened to a 'Shakesperian drama'. more »

NLG Statement on the Suspension of SF Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi and Ethics Commission Proceedings

For the Record; as released. Originally By aurora on Jul 23, 2012 National Lawyers Guild Statement on the Suspension of SF Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi and Ethics Commission Proceedings As an organization of Bay Area attorney… more »

The Mirkarimi case the in the criterion of leaders of The Parents United Committee

On Monday June 4, 2012, Newly elected San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi and former member of the Board of Supervisors, attended the monthly meeting of The Parents United Committee (The Committee), in response to an invitation to come, speak and answer questions from its members regarding his conviction on a plea bargain for the false imprisonment of his wife, Eliana Lopez, stemming from a over blown marital incident on Dec. 31, which was morphed into a Domestic Violence (DV) incident by the 'Powers that be' and the local media. more »

Timeout required on the inquisition of SF Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi

With the yardstick we measure, all of us shall be measured, unless... cooler heads prevail by putting a stop to this real life charade and travesty of justice that while allegedly upholding ethical behavior and fighting domestic violence (DV), obviously we are not, because if we are talking about ethical behavior in public officials in a fair and just manner more »