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Tag: "sheriff ross mirkarimi"

Vaya con Dios dear SF Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi. Dear Ross...

... I'm not saying good bye, far from it, I'm welcoming you back to the civilian world -- Which will happen on Friday, January 8 2016 at noon -- and wishing you the best in all of your present and future endeavors. Count me in. As a community activist,… more »

On The Campaign trail in The Re-Elect Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi GrassRoots' efforts [I]

The day after I uploaded the videos, a gentleman by the name of Jason Garza left a comment and posted it on three of the four clips in the playlist.I was a little confused on his argument on "WHY I WOULD NEVER VOTE for SF SHERIFF ROSS MIRKARIMI" more »

Speak Up to petition the SFBOS to Reintate Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi to his elected post

A still small group of Latin American residents of San Francisco, friends and allies, have committed to be at the meeting and during the Public Comment section on Agenda Item # 71, petition the Honorable Board of Supervisors To Reinstate Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi to his elected post, with full powers, benefits and all due back pay ; for anyone else that would want to also speak up, she/he will not be alone. more »