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Who really did start the #CTL HashTag? Did EileenLeft co-opt it?

Much has been said and done, many people have been hurt in a myriad of despicable misdeeds that have been done over the past 14 months in the name of Justice, on the claim that #CTL was started by @EileenLeft, who is also credited with starting the #ConnectTheLeft HashTag and that both were either co-opted or stolen by @UniteBlue's founders and some of it's members.

But, is it true? Did @UniteBlue's founders and some members either co-opt or stole the #CTL hashTag? I decided to put that claim to the test of proof by researching it's beginnings to cursory document with evidence my findings.

What follows are the results of my research efforts:

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A week after his insult to UniteBlue Members and supporters and despite requests to apologize, Joe Scarborough has not

He made a generalization where he slanders tens of thousands of good people and refuses to apologize, it's as simple as that. Should he be fired?

“I could just take people who use the hashtag #UniteBlue and make a sweeping condemnation about America’s labor movement if I wanted to, but I don’t because I know that these people are on the fringes; they’re freaks; they’re hate mongers; that there are a lot of people who are in America’s union movements that are good, decent, hardworking people who actually would agree with me on a lot of issues.” 5/23/2014

On the same day, May 23, 2014, #UniteBlue calls him on it “After displaying his willful ignorance of normal, hardworking Americans, Joe Scarborough owes an apology to the mothers, fathers, retirees, millennials, activists, professionals and all other members of UniteBlue. Calling tens of thousands of good, decent people ‘freaks’ is a sweeping condemnation and makes you a hate monger.” The post was tweeted 4,231 times.

At 3:44 PM - 23 May 2014, #UniteBlue members began demanding an apology from Joe using the #SayItAintSoJoe hashtag, this effort went on through the Memorial Day weekend.

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As promised to @DeniseRomano, a review of the details in the 1st 2 days of her conflict with @SDzzz' blog post.


On Apr 12, 2014, I posted this piece as a draft intending to publish it a short time later, but as it often happens, or as George Herbert Walker Bush put it back when... "Doo doo occurs", I went through more than a year with health problems which took precedence over everything else.

Over the last few months, I have been feeling a bit better enough to start taking care of loose ends and unfinished tasks of my online activities, such as this post. So, I decided to finally finish and publish it. (Nov. 20, 2015)

This is an episode during a Twitter war where a small group embarked on a mission to take down the Twitter Group, @UniteBlue, -- Of which I became a member when the group had a few hundred members -- by attacking and discrediting both the group and many of it's members.

On February 21st 2014, my Twitter day started unusually early with an alert via my cell that Miss Denise Romano sent me a direct message (DM), albeit I know who she is, it was surprising because even tho we were mutual followers, to the best of my recollection we never interacted; never exchanged tweets or DMs.

Understandably, I was intrigued when out of nowhere I get a DM from her:

Pls know @SDzzz harassed me for 24 hours as her mother was dying: http://wholethinking.wordpress.com/hall-of-harassers/ … & refuses to correct her false blog post
(Feb. 22 and 24), (Current post)

Tho, a bit surprised that Miss Romano was contacting me, the first paragraph literally floored me "@SDzzz harassed me for 24 hours as her mother was dying". To put it in context, I've known @SDzzz for about a year now, I consider her more than a regular Twitter friend, to me, she is a sister who stood up and defended me for all of that time, as a matter of fact, we came to know each other because she came to my aid (As did other beautiful and strong women whom I love very much too) When I was being viciously attacked. It was not her fight personally (She was not a UB member at the time but she thought that what was being done to me and other @UniteBlue members was wrong, so she spoke up and has paid dearly for it ever since) And as a result, we became close friends who shared bits and pieces of our personal lives, hence, I knew she and her sister Linn , @Alasscan_, had been care-givers to their ailing mother who was gravely ill and they had known for more than a week that their mother was dying... I learned the afternoon of the previous day (About 15 hours earlier) that their beloved Mom had died -

I'm confident that Miss Romano ignored that in addition to the pain I felt for my friends' great loss, I was also dealing with my own pain over family loses and the seriously hard family decisions in front of me that had to be made, so, much as I was sure she didn't have an inkling of my feelings at the time, I couldn't help but still feel that she was being insensitive and possible callous to DM me with such words in it. Though I was not being very active in Twitter during these days of pain and sorrow, I had managed to pop in and out from it and thus, I had seen some of the tweets exchanged surrounding the issue of Janeal's post Anatomy of a Smear Campaign – CTL vs UB – Liberal Infighting (The post was updated and Miss Romano photo removed on Feb. 24, 2014), but I had not participated in the conversation at all, so I was dumbfounded as to why @DeniseRomano was bringing me into her conflict as I read and re-read her DM.

I couldn't comprehend why this incident was still going on, there was absolutely no reason for it to have gone past 10:17 PM Feb 19 when @DeniseRomano herself told @DebbieCaplanPR that they had a good “discussion” - and had cleared a number of “misunderstandings”, this was in response to a 9:07 PM - 19 Feb 2014 tweet by @DebbieCaplanpr - - directing @Expatina to “check” @DeniseRomano's timeline [how] “one of the animals chomped at her” in the conflict of @DeniseRomano vs. @SDzzz that she in fact did ignite when at 12:57 AM - 19 Feb 2014 'alerted' @DeniseRomano (including link) to the - “offending” - and - “libelous” - - post. Moreover, it could've been over 2 minutes later at 10:19 PM - 19 Feb 2014, when she reiterates her declaration of having "resolved" a number of misunderstandings in a tweet to Deuce788 - and @Kevinrns in reply to this tweet by Deuce788 - , therefore, having seen these tweets on the 19th,

I could not see any good reason why she was DMing me. I couldn't put away the thought that it was an attempt toward a gratuituous and possibly malicious escalation of the conflict. And I daresay there was maliciousness on the part of either the third parties involved in surfacing and escalating the conflict, @DebbieCaplanP and @Expatina - AKA Suzanne Munshower who had pre-existing "issues" with @SDzzz' blog and with the posts therein a blog where they found @SDzzz' "Donate Button" to raise money highly offensive to which they took grave exception or, even by @DeniseRomano herself who also had a pre-existing issue.

On June 21, 2013, @SDzzz AKA Janeal/Jan Eller perpetrated a grave offense to the group that @DeniseRomano has aligned herself to, #TheCabal, when she didn't go along with their program to forward and advance their narrative that Zack Green of @140Elect together with @SayethSimon, and others, had usurped the Hashtag #CTL and a corresponding member's list taking it from @EileenLeft AKA Claudia Parks who had started #CTL and created the lists. That's the foundation on how the narrative goes and this #TwitterWar with all of it's ugliness and the harm caused, was done in the name of, and for, *“@EileenLeft” - - - . (On March 3, 2013, @Novenator commented on this at @AZModerate Rants, followed up with an excellent analysis on these issues on “March 5, 2013” (Also wrote 9 pieces on a “Progressives Guide to Social Media” - Full list of 9 @DailyKos (As relevant and useful today as they were on Feb. & Mar. 2012 when he wrote them.))

It was escalated after it was 'revealed' that on March 19, 2010, one of the members of the new Unite Blue Advisory Board named Bill Talley AKA @political_bill "was remanded for trial after a five-year, $450,000.00 legal battle" after his arrest on August 18, 2005 on drug trafficking, possession of child pornography, drugs for resale and of an unlawful pistol. Within literally hours Talley was out of the Unite Blue's ABoD. Sadly, that event didn't do anything to even slow down, much less stop - - , the already ongoing smear campaign where Talley's followers or anyone who tweeted to or tweeted to by @Political_Bill, was publicly labeled a pedo/pedophile supporter, enabler, defender, lover, etc. UniteBlue - current and past members - were a favorite target but it included UniteBlue members in general and some people in #TheCabal were saying/claiming/implying/inferring that - #UniteBlue was an organization which supported pedophiles. - (i.e. Bill Talley (We saw it all come to pass))

It went from bad, to ugly, to nasty, to vicious from it's inception on March 8, 2013 to it's full implementation on March 10, 2013. It continued through the rest of March and spanned from April to May, June, July and beyond when on August 28 2013 - , @Expatina was still going with it. At this point I decided to stop my research, for the time being, on this deplorable campaign because I felt I had enough evidence to make my point by showing anyone interested in seeing how nasty it really was. (Immediately below I posted a “few” samples.)

  • Ugly

  • Nasty
  • Vicious
  • *Related
  • *Oct 2012
    • Oct. 2012
      Oct. 2012
      --- ####### ---

And it was made even worst when yet one more episode of the “21st Century Edition (XXICE) of #RedBaiting in a Red Scare” smear campaign was launched against @UniteBlue, it's members & assorted tweeps who were not “buying-in” #TheCabal's narrative, were called RWers, RWNs, RWNJs, TeaPary, GOP front or operatives, etc. The two smear campaigns started close one after the other and were running concurrently for more than three months without signs of abatement on sight. Enter @SDzzz with her first post in a series where she had the audacity to call it like it was; “A Smear Campaign” and wrote about it “Anatomy of a Smear Campaign – Part One” Jun. 21st . She followed with her 2nd post - “Anatomy of a Smear Campaign – Part Two – Outing Talley” on Jul. 4th, where she exposes members of #TheCabal who knew of Talley's criminal problems a month prior to his appointment to the UB ABoDs and moreover, showed that three of at least FOUR members of #TheCabal @CatsRImportant, @Shoq, @TrinaCuppett & @Karoli, “were in a position to have known” of Talley's criminal record since October 2012* when they received tweets with Talley's arrest warrant and the charges. IF they were aware of that fact, they chose to keep it quiet and used it for their aims. @SDzzz analyzes these details and other related issues to those events in the next two pieces of her “Anatomy of a Smear Campaign” series: “Twitter Debate April 2013” on July 9 and, “Before Outing Talley” on July 10.

On July 16, @DebbieCaplanPR 'hits' @SDzzz and her site with a warning via @LA_Crystal on committing “#FederalCrime”, “#Racketeering”, and contacted @EileenLeft . The next day, @SDzzz warns @DebbieCaplanPR directly with her position on it and tells her SHE's “committing a crime” - , @DebbieCaplanPR brings up to @Expatina, @EileenLeft and others her peeve at “Terra's” “Paypal” button attempting to raise funds on her site. Claims “#WireFraud” - and crossing line from harassment to “#Stalking” - . Points out to the dozens of screen shots on @SDzzz site's front page to @Expatina who brings up Jan's kidneys health (Which are in excellent condition, thank you very much, but her gratuitous comment leads one to speculate if Expatina was typing as she was tipping her wine box to refill her cup for the umpteen time.) - , then #RedBaitsXXICE and dismissingly slights Jan's fundraising efforts - .

the urge to answer with a strong rebuke on what I felt was insensitivity on her part and call her on it, notwithstanding she may not have known of my friendship with @SDzzz; for the simple reason that any human being with a sense of decency normally would not gratuituouslly pile up aggravation into another human being; specially when they are going through pain, grief and sorrow, as it was in this case, where I felt it was an attempt to predispose me against someone she had a conflict with; which also happens to be a very dear friend of mine whom I love, respect and admire.

In any event, to say that I counted to ten before I answered would be to understate reality, and despite her trying to drag my entirely involuntary, unsought and unprompted participation into her conflict, of which act I thought was intended, or unintentional as it may may have been the case, to elicit an action or even a reaction from me. But for fairness' sake and in an spirit of objectivity, I decided to learn her version of what, when, how, who said what or did something to whom and what was she expecting me to do about it. So, I answered her 7:00 AM DM.

What ensued could be best described as a rapid-fire barrage of DMs from her and a few responses from me in what was mostly a one sided conversation. I managed to 'squeeze' in between DMs in line to what I said I would like to know which is, what is exactly what @SDzzz did and what did she want me to do about it? In response, she directed me to her post (now deleted and replaced by two others (I'm covering that part further down)) in the link she sent me where "all was explained" and told me she didn't want me to do anything, she was just letting me know that a person I followed was harassing her. Oh, Really? This was an extremely disingenous answer when you think about it after having read her DMs to me where she characterizes @SDzzz as a "horrible person"

After reading the DMs again, I went to do my chores of that day. When I told her I'd review the convos, I meant it, but I wasn't going to do it today for other grave issues I was facing, besides, in addition to telling her I'd talk to Janeal in a couple of days or so to give her time to bury and mourn her mother. I also meant to do that, mainly because as I showed above in this post, @DeniseRomano herself had said that a "number of misunderstandings" were resolved; by any measure of justice this conflict should have been over around 40 hours before, so, you bet, I truly needed to talk to Janeal, something was not right. If we add the item that @SDzzz had already been informed that something is coming down from #TheCabal, again, because this is not the first time it has happened over the last 13 months.

At exactly 5:00 p.m. that same day (Feb. 21) I got one of those "WHAT NOW?" Moments when I was alerted again that @DeniseRomano had sent me a DM. I checked and 6 msg. were there already telling me what Jan had done to her. How can one respond or have a conversation with such a person when as it's said 'threw-in even the kitchen sink'?, it was a repeat performance of the morning session, 58 rapid-fire DMs to my 6 replies, worse than that, 38 out of the 58 DMs were received after my last reply. I told her she had my sympathy for what ails her, I reiterated my promise to review the convo and talk to Janeal in a couple of days or so to give her time to bury and grief her mother, my 6th DM was to thank her for contacting me... Again.
I learned that she wanted something from me after all invalidating her 7:00 a.m. assertion of "you don't have to do anything and by 5:00 p.m. she wanted me 'to get trough to her' IMHO for a reason completely devoid of empathy or with an attitude laden with a sense that her priorities take precedence over those of others, even under difficult circumstances which must be set aside just for her, as it was in this ocassion when according to her, the 'time makes sense' ; this was a pattern quickly developing in front of my eyes as I continued to review tweets/DMs convos and posts.

I had seen and knew enough on the issues surrounding this conflict to notice that in what she told me there were incorrect statements, 'facts' that were not in evidence while others were factually incorrect and/or were disingenuous, there were apparent and clear lies in addition to hyperbolic conclusions, baseless attributions of motives, character assassination, defamation, libel, labeling, name calling and numerous blatantly obvious instances of hypocrisy... in short, what I was seeing was a person who had absolutely no resemblance to the kind of person Denise Romano claims to be, presents herself or is perceived by people. I had the realization then that I needed to do an exhaustive investigation and full review of the facts in evidence that I know do exist, which clearly contradicts most of her claims and statements and places her other remaining claims in serious question. While I do know that DMs are not really private, I consider that type of communication as given in confidence, hence I take them as such and thus, I have not previously released them for public view... Till now.

What made me decide to post them was seeing @DeniseRomano carry out her threat to release the DMs in her convo with @SDzzz in support of her claims, I feel it's only fair that people see all of the available evidence regarding this matter, so I'm posting the DMs between @DeniseRomano and I on Feb. 19 and 20 which can be seen immediately below. The DMs which contain clear instances of claims will have more... anchor containing the results on the fact-checking of that specific Claim made in that specific DM.

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To speak up or to shut up, those are the questions. [DailyKos and A Very Rauhauser Christmas]

After any type of relationship ends, one tries to make sense of it, to bring closure to the loss and I don't believe I'm talking about closure. Close what? It's over, I'm done with Daily Kos as the DailyKos FAQ in the old dkospedia clearly states, once you are banned, you are done even if it was unfair. So, "that's that and now it is time to move on", or so I think of my thoughts in the aftermath of my banning, which I wouldn't consider appealing even if such an option was available to me in view of what has transpired; but a desire to know which is/are the specific reason, or reasons which prompted such action on the part of the site Administrator/s.

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My censored comment at DailyKos - Full text, links plus msgs. from site Admin and comments

NOTE: This post will be regularly updated. [?]

On December 22, 2013, a Diary was posted at the Daily Kos site titled A Very Rauhauser Christmas. I saw the link and title to it posted on Twitter and went to read it. After reading it, I started to scan the list of comments and I noticed 3 things, the first was that the total number of comments (23) didn't match the number of Diaries visible (7), second, all of the visible comments were in opossition of the Diary and of it's author, Papi Terra, and the third thing that I noticed in the comments, is that some had jargon with an eerie similarity to the same that I have seen the Twitter group known as "The Cabal" Used for the last 10 months of their war to bring down the Liberal Twitter group knows as @UniteBlue and their attacks on their current and former members. The very first of the visible comments didn't even include text "HR'd. DK is not the place for this. n/t (10+ / 0-)" (HR'd means Hide-Rated)

As I read them, the total number of them went up but the visible ones didn't. Having been at the Daily Kos since 2005, I've seen it before, in addition of having read posts and comments [1], [2], [3], [4], [5] on abuse of the HR'd feature before as well and how easy it is to do so if a small group decides to be vigilantes on shutting down any subject they want to keep under wraps; if anything has changed since I started to be less and less involved at Daily Kos because I wasn't liking what I saw happening, is that so much in it continues to worsen, but in spite of that, I decided to post one myself, I posted three, the longest is the one I include the text in this post, of the other 2, one was with n/t (No text) To the effect that there were 23 comment but that I could only see 7, in the other one I said that I'd write and expose The Members on The Cabal on my blog.

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