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  • "Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self."
    ~ Cyril Connolly
    (Despite my 75 I.Q. Points according to @Expatina)
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Imponderable Expatina in her own words, from both sides of her mouth?

Twitter user Expatina, is one of the Top Tier Operatives of The Cabal. An assiduous troller, lurker and stalker who never admits to being one, and that instead prefers to label other Twitter users with what she finds objectionable, which is anyone who she decides to accuse of doing the same of what she does day in and day out. Projection is one of her favorite tactics and thus, has become very proficient at it, in addition to being a great performer when playing the role of a virtuous, brave and quietly suffering victim; a self-portrayed martyr kind of character.

Her real name is Miss Suzanne Munshower, author of about 24 books of which about 20 are of famous people written in the styles of scrapbook, illustrated and unauthorized biographies of the kind often unkindly referred to as fanzine publications, the remaining 4 are about how to throw fabulous parties, a guide to shopping pretzels, a magazine-style adult book and her latest is about giving advice on how to be "Simply sophisticated". I don't begrudge her books, if she makes a good living writing them and that makes her feel like a big intellectual person, I'm glad and more power to her, but please, tell her to leave her offensive Eurocentrist snobbishness coupled with condescendingly elitism tending toward aristocratic snootiness to treat other Americans as provincial folk.

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Two of The Cabal's methods and practices for silencing opposing views

As of now, there’s nothing out there to indicate that The Cabal will stop their bullying campaigns against anyone or anything that they mark as a target for attack by their infamous “@Shoq Twitter Brigade Burn Notice” Of which I don’t have yet a full grasp of what it is exactly, unsurprisingly so, this is Matt Osborne’s writing so you’re left more confused after reading his posts than before you read them, I think this was an attempt to brand a group of women with that designation, in addition to label them as “The Mean Girls", but it appears to me that in a twist that would be comically entertaining, if it weren’t so pathetic, not only failed miserably as just about any other operation that The Cabal has tried to carry out, but backfired because for many, The Cabal’s members is the one group that comes to mind when that name is mentioned and whence attacks, or “Burn Notices” of various forms are launched.

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My website and I have been under attack. Are members of The Cabal involved?

I first become aware of it on May of this year when my Host Provider informed me that my website was under suspension for allegedly spamming and phishing, which to me was incomprehensible due to that my site is nondescript at best and my last post on May 3rd titled “Just how intimidated do you feel you are by the Anonymous Collective/Family? Update 1x“ Was posted about nine months after my previous post on October 2012.

I had neglected my site for all those months and prior to that I had been posting sporadically at best, so, I was guilty of spamming and phishing? How did I manage to do that?

That’s the first question I posed in my call to tech support immediately after I got the notice of the suspension for TOS violations.

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Just how intimidated do you feel you are by the Anonymous Collective/Family? Update 1x

Originally published by Aurora on Fri May 3, 2013

While referring to the -- not really 'organized' in the whole Organization -- Anonymous Collective/Family, as it's members refer to it, in general, I'm including people who wear masks and claim to be members of it and other people who embrace it and give voice to the Collective's messages or causes.

Last night I saw the video published on May 4, 2013 and titled "A Message to Anonymous" (Below) It echoed what I've experienced personally after having been subjected to very nasty bullying by people wearing Anonymous masks and their unmasked allies just for being a member of the #UniteBlue Community, which at the creation of an Advisory Board, one of it's members was an individual who had pleaded guilty to sex crimes and currently is awaiting sentencing.

After this fact became known to the #UniteBlue Advisory Board, the individual in question either resigned or was dismissed from the Board and is no longer a member of the UB Community

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SFCA Dec. 12, 2011: Date of a most despicable ignominy to Latinos by The SF Archdiocese

Originally published by Aurora on Sat Dec 17, 2011 at 10:48 AM PST

It must be called for what it is and the public must, at least, know about it. The behavior of the San Francisco Archdiocese Corporation Sole on the matter of Our Lady of Guadalupe's Sanctuary in San Francisco is below contempt. Even by the loosest standards to measure human behavior, theirs, on December 12, 2011, is beyond the pale.

To wit: On November 15, 2011, Señorita Clementina Garcia Landgrave*, personally hand-delivered a letter to the Office of the Archdiocese requesting them to open the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, (Located on 906, 908 and 910 Broadway St. San Francisco in the Russian Hill District), so members of our Community could honor Our Lady on her day by serenading her with the traditional Mexican Mañanitas, following in a primarily Mexican San Francisco tradition that started 87 years ago (December 12, 1924). It followed a 480 year old tradition of honoring her that started in the Great Tenochtitlan, now Mexico City, at El Tepeyac, where our Mexican-Native-American Ancestors had been honoring her for far longer than that, to even before the genocidal european invasion.

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