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Fund-Raising effort to pay Eliana's ticket from Venezuela to testify [Mirkarimi's case]

Originally published on Thu Jul 05, 2012 at 04:15 PM PDT

The outrage at how "Ethical" SF Mayor Edwin M. (Emperor) Lee has wasted at least a million dollars, and counting, of hard-earned taxpayers' money in an inquisition-style persecution of recently elected Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi of San Francisco, has generated the emergence of an organic growth effort to pay the travel expenses of Eliana Lopez-Mirkarimi from Venezuela, to take the witness stand and testify on July 18, 2012 in front of the San Francisco Ethics Commission, after corrupt San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee, has repeatedly insisted that the city should not pay (Approx. $1500.00) for Eliana's trip, even so his Ethics Commission is paying for the expenses of the 'experts' they will be bringing before them the hear them say why the Sheriff can not function as Sheriff because...

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The Inquisition of SF Sheriff R. Mirkarimi. P1: Ivory Madison's Betrayal

Originally Published on 06/18/12 @ 06:45:00 pm by aurora
Type: Post 78 views
Categories: Analyses


In order to understand and put in the proper context this sordidly un-American circus-style brouhaha in beautiful San Francisco, one must go into the roles that the visible players, the ones in the background, the authorities and the local media have played in what The New America Media likened to a 'Shakesperian drama'. also, it is necessary to delve a bit on what has transpired in our city's body-politic over the last few years.

At first glimpse, it seems like a run-of-the-mill domestic violence (DV) story of an overblown domestic incident involving prominent people in 'political-correct' San Francisco; but, as the wise saying goes, that "Nothing really is what it seems to be"

What follows is part one of a narrative-analysis of this case:

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Mr. Jerry Brown, you keep slapping us on the face, till when?

Originally published by Aurora on Sat Nov 27, 2010 at 11:20 AM PST.

Re-posted By admin on Oct 27, 2012 | In News, Politics, Regressive, Immigration

I, as so many others, are very concerned about the repercussions that the Secure Communities Program (S-Com) has for tens, or possibly hundreds, of thousands of members of our communities, so I did the best I could in my limited capacity, to inform myself on it's provisions, methods and how these were being implemented, with special focus on whether or not the Bill's procedural dictates/provisions were being carried out in accordance and in compliance with it.

Again, in my limited capacity, I started hearing reports of people being summarily deported after being detained for minor offenses or infractions before they were convicted of any crime/s, we have been also hearing about how some of these persons were being coerced into signing guilty pleas to, allegedly, avoid being charged and convicted under more severe charges.

Having been very familiar with the language in the legislation pertaining to S-Com, specially with the text in House Report 111-157 - DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY APPROPRIATIONS BILL, 2010, I was very alarmed at what I saw as non-compliance and/or, violations in it's implementation, or both, I was shocked to find out that our Attorney General in California signed a contract with HS/ICE to allow municipalities to participate in the program.

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Deported for selling tamales? In California? PETITION: Governor Brown, Sign the TRUST Act

Originally published on Tue Aug 07, 2012 at 07:47 PM PDT

It is another 'this is not much of a Diary' post, I just wanted to give anyone at the Daily Kos Community who may be insterested in continuing to be aware of these injustices or maybe get more involved, at least an opportunity to be aware that these tragedies continue unabated throughout the country and wishing that more than a few would sign the petition. Our long range hope is that in spite of the Latin-American community bitter cynicism and hurt (It can be perceived in Ruben Navarrete's piece), President Obama and progressive legislators who still have a soul, are reelected. There is much hope and fear that absent that, i.e. Romney and regressive legislators are reelected, we are left with not much else than prayers to alliviate the suffering.

Ruben Navarrette Jr. piece on this incident which goes into many details on these issue.

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Speak Up to petition the SFBOS to Reintate Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi to his elected post

Originally posted By aurora on Jul 30, 2012

A still small group of Latin American residents of San Francisco, friends and allies, have committed to be at the meeting and during the Public Comment section on Agenda Item # 71, petition the Honorable Board of Supervisors To Reinstate Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi to his elected post, with full powers, benefits and all due back pay ; for anyone else that would want to also speak up, she/he will not be alone.

In the conversations amongst us, we have come to agree that the July 31st, meeting is surely The One not to miss. The outcome on hearings related to the charge of Official misconduct by the Sheriff is wide open and anything can happen. For anyone interested in a more detailed understanding of what may happen in a SFBOS meeting and that in the words of its President "... But we, of course, are free to discuss it next week and amend it if we so desire" Opens all kinds of possibilities, and who may want to consider on aspects of the Process the SFBOS will set up which are in need of attention and might be subjected to amendment and vote.

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