What emerges is a clear image of Republican Whitman's duplicity, abuse, exploitation and BS

What emerges is a clear image of Republican Whitman's duplicity, abuse, exploitation and BS.

Originally published on first week of October 2010.

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Without failure, I get really ticked off when the high and mighty power elite screws up badly, they always do and they immediately start to wiggle, weasel, lie and unfailingly always blame and try to destroy the messenger, the victim or both and thus change the framing of the issue and debate.

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Meg Whitman to investigate herself on Maid-gate affair

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In what her supporters are lauding as a gutsy and principled move, the Republican Candidate for Governor of California, Meg Whitman, in a well attended Press Conference, unveiled her plan to conduct a through investigation on the 2010 California's Gubernatorial Campaign scandal that has become to be known as 'Maid-gate'

As expected of the 'Liberal Lame-stream Media' bias, they relentlessly hammered Ms. Whitman on various aspects of the issue and investigation, to which she addressed, again according to her supporters, with her customary honesty and straightforwardness.

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American Workers shouldn't expect to earn $1M an hour | Update 1

Originally posted on Fri. Dec 03, 2010

This was the answer that the employee of Cole Fox Hardware store on 70 4th Street in San Francisco gave me after I said: There is a wise saying "You get what you pay for", actually what he said was: "There is another saying American Workers shouldn't expect to earn $1,000,000.00 an hour"

As a comeback, in my mind I went like "Whatever" but I actually said in frustration, "I'm not buying anything else made in China, they can keep their junk, God! Can you buy anything made in the US anymore?, do we make anything anymore?" I then turned around and walked up the stairs from the basement to the main floor and exit the store, but as I started up the stairs, I overheard the employee tell a couple waiting for his assistance "Have you ever been to China? Do you know how it is there?" The young woman said something which I didn't make up what it was, nor did I care, I was done with Cole Fox Hardware for good, they just lost a customer.

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USA created under Christian principles? Uh? Then explain this to me:

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I should be amused, maybe sad at seeing how some people can make more than one statement and expect people to believe that both are true, when in reality, it is self-evident they are mutually exclusive.

But some people believe them without question, worse yet, they make decisions based upon these beliefs, even worse yet! They are voters that would elect people like them to enact horribly regressive legislation.

This is one of the many, many items that have me seeing 'purple' now.

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